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Joe Mount Public School has four 'Houses'.

1.    Goretians: Named after the Saint Maria Goretti. July 9 Marks the feast day of St. Mariya Goretti, a young virgin and Martyr whose life is an example of purity and mercy. She is best known for her commitment to purity and the courageous defense. She is remarkable for her forgiveness.

2.    Savians: Named after the saint Dominic Savio, a remarkable young man, who left a mark on the world far beyond his age. St. Dominic Savio calls us all to "Real Life" saint hood. He challenges us with the acceptance of ordinary struggles and tasks; the joys and sorrows of each day. He invites us to use, as he did, our own personalities and talents for the building up of human community. His feast day falls on March 9.

3.    Aloysians: Named after the young Jesuit saint Aloysius Gonzaga. He was named patron of youth. St. Aloysius Gonzaga's outstanding quality was his radiant purity innocence with the words, "Thou has made him little less than the angels". He made a vow of chastity at the age of nine. He died at the age of twenty three as a result of his devoted nursing of the plague - stricken. His feast is celebrated on June 21.

4.    Theresians: Named after St. Therese of Lisieux. She is called the Little Flower. She was a valiant woman, who saw the power of love, that divine alchemy which can change everything, including weakness and illness, into service and redemptive power for others. Her feast is celebrated on October 1.


Updated on: 07 Nov 2015