Joe Mount Anthem

It's a call to be the light of world
It's a time to shine from mount's top
It's a time to bow before Joe Mount
It's a time of grace It's a time of praise
A time of sharing the gifts we have
A time to build a world that is one
It's a time to be taught
That we carry our bright-lights aloft
And we pray for our dear most school

    Open our hearts to the Lord
    And begin to sing his praises
    That we are all together as one family
    No more walls no more chains
    No more selfishness and closed doors
    For we are all the children of Joe Mount 
    It's a time to sing praise for our school

It's a time of prayer It's a time of thanks 
A time to be filled with wisdom
A time to know God's love so great

    A time to shout with joined hands
    That we are all God's children
    Called to radiate his bright light

It's a time to reach heights
And to strive for a better world
And we sing to our dear most school


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