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Education is a continuous and creative process. Its aim is to develop the capacities latent in human nature and to co-ordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of society by equipping children with material, human and divine knowledge. True education releases capacities, develops analytical abilities, confidence in one self, will power and goal setting competencies and instills the vision that enables one to become a self motivated agent of social transformation. Therefore the purpose of modern education must be the redemption of mankind from 
1.    its Godlessness
2.    its Ignorance 
3.    its Confusion and
4.    its Conflict
I strongly believe that the destiny of a nature is shaped in her schools and our classrooms are places where our tomorrow takes birth. So, let there be a better interaction between school and home, between student and teacher and between teacher and management.  The introduction of software technology in the school, I believe, is not only time saving but also very helpful in integrating, systematizing, organizing and managing the administration of the school. It would help the parents, the teachers and the students, be in constant touch with each other which, in turn, would set into motion a more complete development of the student's personality and would bring the school and the home closer.
 The social responsibility of a modern school is to make every child a Total Quality Person and a Total Quality Manager by making him wise, talented, balanced, law abiding and just; thus leading to the establishment of a divine civilization on earth in place of a rapidly increasing disoriented, in human, unjust and satanic one. Let each child be gift of God to mankind, a pride of the human race and a potential light of the world.

Thank You.
Sr.Leena Grace S D

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