1. Every student must bring the school diary to the class daily.
  2. Students should reach the school at least 5 minutes before the first bell. Late comers are liable for the fine and  corrective actions. More over if they come late for three consecutive days, they will be marked absent for a day.
  3. Irregular attendance habitual idleness, disobedience and any kind of misconduct are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of the pupil.
  4. Pupils must speak English all the time while they are in the School.
  5. Children should come to school in neat uniform on all working days and other school function days.
  6. Students must keep Books and other articles in good condition right through the academic year.
  7. Children suffering from infections diseases should not attend the class until they are fully recovered.
  8. The pupil must respect and wish the Principal, the Staff and the Elders. They must learn to be polite and courteous with fellow students too.
  9. Students should be regular in submitting home assignments and disciplinary action will be taken for failure to do so.
  10. Students are responsible for the custody of their books and belongings.
  11. Students should take utmost care in maintaining all school records and ensure they are submitted on time.
  12. Any damage done to the school property or that of other student will have to be made good. In case of lose or damage to the school property where responsibility cannot be pinpointed, the entire class will have to bear the cost.
  13. Students are expected to keep the school premises and the class room clean and neat. Students are not allowed to scribble or dirty the walls and furniture.
  14. When students move along the corridors to another class room they should keep to the right and should move in a disciplined and orderly manner.
  15. Playing in the classroom is forbidden. Running or shouting inside the school building, classroom or playing in the classroom is not allowed.
  16. No student shall disturb another class at work or excuses such as borrowing a pen, pencil or book from his/her friend.
  17. Students can stay back in the school after working hours only with the permission of the principal and the supervision of a responsible teacher.


  1. Please have high regard for your child�s school.
  2. Parents are the first teachers. Teacher is a second parent.
  3. Parents are requested to meet the Principal or the concerned teachers as often as possible to know the progress of their children.
  4. Open houses are held after each exam. Parents are supposed to attend them compulsorily.
  5. Parents are requested to come to the school and meet the concerned teachers when requested by the principal or the class teachers on those days.
  6. Parents are requested to go through the school diary daily to follow the home work of students and help the students to complete the homework.
  7. Parents can meet the concerned teachers on the 3rd Saturday of every month from 10 am to 12 noon.
  8. Parents are required to see that their boy children come to school with proper hair cut.
  9. Do not encourage your child by giving cash at hand.
  10. Entries made in the diary will be treated as information conveyed to and noted by the parents.
  11. Parents must check the school diaries intimation from the school must be signed duly. Leave of absence must be marked in the diary giving reasons.
  12. Timely messages would be send to parents through SMS facility.
  13. Teachers are not to be disturbed by the parents during class hours. Complaints if any should be communicated to the Principal.
  14. No vehicles will be allowed to enter the school compound during school hours.
  15. Please do not go with the word of your ward. It may not be always true.


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