General Regulations

Expected behaviour from the students.

Teachers Direction
*    Follow teachers instructions.
*    Approach teacher to clear doubts.

Communication Rule
*    Speak English only.
*    Speak softly and politely.
*    Avoid shouting in the corridors or on staircases.

Learning Rule
*    Co-operative with others.
*    Work without distracting others.

Movement Rule
*    Move quietly in an orderly manner.
*    Avoid running or playing in the corridors or on staircases.

Treatment Rule
*    Treat others with respect without any physical / verbal aggressions.
*    Show tolerance towards others.

Safety Rules
*    Follow safety rules in the school at all times.
*    Hear carefully the instructions at the time of emergency.

Conflict Rule
*    Consider appropriate strategies when dealing with problem.
*    Approach a teacher when faced the conflicts.

Property Rule
*    Ensure that the school property is used appropriately.
*    Respect the property of others.

Play Rule
*    Play within the specified boundaries.
*    Follow the instructions given by the teachers.

These expectations apply when the students are on school grounds, on school transport, or at a school sponsored activity or event.



Suspension may be appropriate for actions including, but not limited to the actions below

Academic Dishonesty

  • Any student caught cheating, plagiarising, or assisting another student to cheat will result in suspension.


Property Damage

  • Causing or attempting to course damage to school property or private property. Parents or Guardians are responsible for any losses or damage to property of the school, or the property of another student or staff caused by a student.


  • Stealing or attempting to steal school or private property or receiving stolen property. Parents may be required to pay for the damages.


  • The students will also be assessed for the discipline which will be based on the factors like Sincerity, Behaviour, Values tidings, Respectfulness for rules and regulations, Attitude towards Society, Nation, and Others.


Grading on discipline will be done termwise on a 3 point grading scale.

A   -  Outstanding

B   -  Very Good

C   -  Fair

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